dala in Cairo: Sephis Workshop on Visual Methodologies

I (Rike) represented dala in Cairo for a workshop on Visual Methodologies, hosted by Sephis. The workshop unpacked a range of issues around visual methodologies in research.The workshop happened shortly after the uprising, which meant engaging with an interesting context and climate, especially at the intersection of politics, public space, and cultural activism.

One of the contested issues was that all the graffiti was cleaned off Tahrir Square by civilians after the occupation. Some felt this showed the ‘civility’ of the protesters, while others felt this cleansing was detrimental to the struggle and washed away the important site-markers of the revolution. Included here are some images of some of the political graffiti.

I presented dala projects and contributed an essay to their online eZine, entitled ‘Towards the sensory: the creative catalyst, public engagement and affective spaces of social justice’. It is a reflection on one of the ways dala works. You can download the original essay by itself here.

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