SERIOUS FUN | climate for change

The African Centre for Cities and dala devised a game based on work done by researchers at UCT and the City of Cape Town. Their research looks at the contested nature of addressing climate risks along Cape Town’s coastline, particularly relating to rising sea levels and big storms. Cape Town’s coastline and the development of a protective coastal urban edge, a setback line, have been caught between three main tensions: socio-economic pressures for urban development, physical pressures of the ocean, and pressures on coastal ecosystems, all three of which are operating in and competing for that same space in the coastal zone.
This contested setback line, and the resulting tensions as well as uncertainties of both decision making and tipping points, were put into play in the form of a Tug of War. However, unlike the classic tug of war, the rope, as star representative of the setback line, had to be handled carefully by participants in order to avoid various negative outcomes.
To view the booklet from which the research of this performance is based, please go to

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